Veterinarian Student Externship Experience

We are a privately owned, high volume clinic that acts as both a general practice and a secondary referral and emergency center. We have been ranked the #1 Animal Hospital in Arizona for 7 years! All of our doctors stay up to date on current medical techniques and treatments with open viewpoints to new and changing medicine. Our doctors are friendly and outgoing, and have a sincere passion for teaching. They love to answer questions and share cases with students!

Progressive and Integrative Diagnostic and Treatments:

– Ultrasound
– Endoscopy
– High resolution 3D CT imaging
– Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
– Alternative Therapies and Acupuncture


Students will rotate through areas of the hospitals and can expect the following experiences:


– We perform around 12-25 surgeries a day, with a special interest in dentistry. We have performed over 10,000 dental procedures utilizing high resolution 3D CT for our dental imaging.
– Grow confidence quickly and feel more comfortable in a surgery setting
– Perform pre-anesthetic physical evaluations
– Create anesthesia protocols for the surgical patients of the day
– Learn the benefits and uses of Ozone Therapies & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
– Scrub in on advanced surgical procedures (Enucleations, Foreign Body, DFW, Splenectomy, etc.)
– Fully understand post-operative care/discharge for patients
– T-N-R: Spay & Neuter, Shelter and Rescue Medicine


Emergency and Critical Care:

On average, our emergency department treats an average of 30-60 patients daily, ranging from urgent care items to more complicated or traumatic cases.
– Gain valuable experience in the fast-paced practice of Emergency medicine
– Perform physical exams and assessment with critical patients
– Learn the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment and alternative therapies
– Practice creating, assessing, and modifying treatment plans for critical cases
– Triaging and assessing critical cases as well and monitoring and management



General Practice Back to basics! Learn about the unique benefits of Ozone therapy or fecal transfaunation and the following primary objectives:

– Practice taking complete histories and determining pertinent case information
– Practice effective communication with clients
– Common disease management (Allergies, arthritis, dental disease, ear infection, anal glands, valley fever, and tick fever, feline urinary tract disease)


Externs are accepted on either 2 or 4 week blocks, anytime of the year excluding June & July. Many schools suggest/require that students utilize their Clinical Coordinator at their respective schools to secure a rotation block. You are also welcome to email  for more information.

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