Hippo Veterinary Group has some Unique Perks that Set us Apart!

Unlimited PTO Accrual for Staff! If you work more hours, you accrue more PTO!
Monthly Attendance PTO Bonus Gift
Monthly Attendance Bonus of $100
Team Appreciation Fridge Stocked Weekly with Free Drinks, Meals, & Snacks
Wellness Reimbursement $300 per year to use towards Personal Wellness Activities for You & Your Family!
Free Grubhub+ Membership! Order From Grubhub+ Restaurants and get Free Delivery!
Grubhub Meal Credits, Gifted to Employees Regularly for a Job Well Done!
Emotional Support Goats that visit each of our teams for a fun change of pace!
Flexible Scheduling & Time Off, because your Life in Balance is important to us.
Scrubs Allowance Annually
No Set uniforms! Wear whatever scrub colors you want!
Got Tattoos or Pink Hair? We don’t Care! Let your personality shine through!
Team Appreciation Week Annually
Random Appreciation Days with gifts, raffles, games, food, and so much more!
We Can Help Make All Your Dreams Come True!

Unique Perks

Benefits Available:

At Day 1 of Employment:

  • Team Appreciation Fridge Stocked Weekly with Free Drinks, Meals and Snacks to keep our team Happy and Energized! Feel Free to Take 1 or 2 per shift!
  • Mentorship, Training, and Educational Support from Peers, Management team, and Online resources. Offering Unique Therapies & Diagnostics!
  • Culture Building & Team Bonding Events, such as:
    Yoga Hippo

    • Kayaking
    • White Water Rafting
    • Murder Mystery Dinner Nights
    • Paintball
    • Wine & Paint Nights
    • Food Bank Volunteer Days
    • Canyoneering & Waterfall Rappelling
    • Hiking Trips
    • Potlucks
    • Raffles
    • Scavenger Hunts,
    • and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Kind & Caring Coworkers
  • Supportive Management Team. We are here for each other!
  • Employee Assistance Program, See more Below!

At 90 days of Employment:

  • Medical Insurance with Employer Contribution towards your monthly premiums
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Annual Continuing Education CE $$ Reimbursement
  • Additional CE $$ for CVT’s!
  • Scrubs Allowance Annually
  • Your PTO is available to use!
  • CVT Licensing Reimbursement
  • CVT Exam Cost Reimbursed after passing the Exam!

At 1 Year of Employment:

  • Retirement Plan after 1 Year of Employment
  • 3% of your Annual Income GIFTED to your Retirement Annually – NO MATCH REQUIRED! 
  • Additional Profit Sharing of Employer Contributions to Retirement Plan Available

At 3 Years of Employment:

  • Increased Accrual of PTO, Accrue your PTO hours faster than before!
  • Increased CE Allowance

Employee Assistance Program

We offer an EAP program from our staff that starts on DAY ONE of Employment!

  • Crisis & Counseling Support
  • Marital Counseling
  • Child & Elder Care Advice
  • Educational Advice
  • Therapy Sessions
  • Identity Theft Assistance & Recovery
  • Financial Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • Online Webinars & Resources
  • And much more!

Pet Care Services & Discounts

Your Pets are Important to Us Too!

  • Discounts & Allowances for Pet Health Care Services
  • 20% Off Veterinary Care Services
  • Discounts on Pet Medications
  • Vendor Discounts for Staff’s Pet Food
  • Free Pet Supplies Gifted from Vendors Regularly!
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