We are a CULTURE FIRST Group of Veterinary Teams that strive to provide enjoyable careers and a workplace that makes it easy to love to come to work each day!

We provide Progressive and Innovative Medical Care for our Patients and their Pet Parents, and Challenge our Teams to Achieve the Impossible!

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Hippo Culture

Why Hippo Vets?

We’re Big, We’re Fun, and We’re Not Afraid to Make a Splash!

Our Staff Turnover rate is over FIVE TIMES LESS than the average veterinary clinic, because we put our team culture first and ensure their happiness! We are proud to say we are hiring because our teams are GROWING instead of replacing unhappy employees!

Our team enrichment meetings are called “Hippo Campus” because the hippocampus part of the brain is what controls our memory of experiences, pleasure, and regulation of emotion and stress levels. All of which we of course aim to provide and support for our teams!

Hippo Vets
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